There Was a Child Went Forth

by Casey Curtis age:12

Inspired by Walt Whitman

There was a child went forthe every day;

And the first object she look'd upon, that object she became;

And that object became part of her for the day,

Or a certain part of the day, or for many years, orstretching cycles of years;

That work she did bacame a part of her,

And the acting debut she had at the very young age of two,

The Rapid River, where she was swept as a child,

Going home to the yelling and the punishing as the younger kids ran simultaneously in and out of the house,

And the older kids meekly played the Playstation,

Watching her favorite television shows, "The OC", "One Tree Hill", "The Simpsons", "7th Heaven", "Charmed."

The birthday she had became part of this child,

Summer-time parties,

The swimming lessons when she was young, the fun times she had,

The nice people she saw every day, her brothers and sister she loved,

The Lilac tree in her back yard she smelled everyday,

Oh how she loved those long cool walks to the park,

Her Papa taking her to the field at night and seeing the lightning bugs,

Those all became a part of her every day.

Her own parents,

He that father'd her,

And she that had conceived her in her womb, and birth'd her,

They gave this child more of themselves than that;

They gave her afterward her mom gentle and kind,

Her dad more loving than others,

Teaching her and givimg her time everyday,

Became part of her every day.

Her friends,

Those that stood by her side when she was in trouble,

Those that had made her happy when she was sad,

Those that played with her in those long summer days,

Keith, teaching her how to play football,

Sarah, trying to make her happy and cheering for her,

She and Monique babysitting the kids at home and taking them to the park,

That all became part of her.

These became part of that child who went forth every day,

And who now goes,

And will always go forth every day.



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