How do I become a vampire?

To tell the truth, you have to be born one. As far as I know.
I've heard of turnings, but have yet to see one. I suppose if one can be turned,
then one has to be somewhat vampiric.
There are stories of people being "turned", but have yet to see it.

For me, vampirism seems to be centered in the physical, so I think in my case it is genetic.
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Are vampires immortal?

In a nutshell, no.
Not physically that is. There tends to be increased past life experiences, as though the vampiric soul more commonly is reincarnated.

How much blood do blood drinking vampires need?

Me personally? About a pint, but I only drink animal blood. Human blood drinkers require only about a shot glass worth.

How often do they need it?

I need it about every two weeks, it varies with the individual.

What makes a vampire different from a "human", apart from the need for blood or energy?

The need for prannic energy. This is manifested in the the body and energy of a person.(i.e. spirit/aura) And is also concentrated in the blood. The amount and variety of needs vary with the individual vampire.
Psi-vampires need energy drained from the human psyche and sanguinarians need it from blood.
We don't need the energy to survive, necessarily, but it is necessary for our good health.

Can vampires shapeshift?

It's not like the movies guys. However when a person astrally projects(human, or otherwise), A persons astral form may be modified. And if you are around someone who is "psychically aware", then yes they may see a bat, dog, rabbit, what have you.
But, in a physical sense? Not that I've ever seen.

What abilities do vampires have?

Granted, other people that aren't vampires have some unusual talents. But as far as we go, they do seem to occur in a greater percentage of us than society at large.
As for mine? I have a super fast metabolism, which speeds up the healing process. I have night vision so acute, that it hurts my eyes to go out in daytime, even with shades on. And I can smell a cut from 10 yards away. But then when you crave any food you can somehow find it, eh?
A lot of us are "psychically aware", but for me, the only thing I seem to experience are past lives, and the occassional precognitive dream. But then again, so do humans.

Do I have fangs?

Yes and no, the pic I had up here was at a bad angle, but they are a bit longer than my normal tooth line and dog-like. They had the potential to be longer, but like several of my other teeth, they fused to my jaw at a young age. Like my lower canines which are still my baby teeth, since they fused to the bone before I could shed them.Not the hollywood version,I know,but there you have it. But then again, the myths don't necessarily all include fangs in the telling.And hollywood has a way of blowing things out of proportion..........

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