Vampire Movies From 1910-1919

No known copy in existence.
It is based on Alraune by Heinz Ewers.
Released in 1918 in Black and white. (Austria)
Cast:Guyla Gal, Rozzi Scollosi, Jena Torzs.
Director: Mihaly Kertesz

Same as above, but a German version.
Also, no known copy in existence.
Cast:Hilde Wolter, Gustav Adolf Sem;er, Fredrich Kuehne.
Director:Eugen Illes.

Lilith and Ly
Released in 1919[ Fiat Films] in black and white.
Cast: Lilith; Elga Beck, Hans Marschall, Ernest Escherich, Fritz Kammauf.
Director:Drich Kober.

Released in Hungary, 1917 in black and white.
Cast:Mihaly Varkonyi.
Director: Alexander Korda.

A Night of Horror
Released in Germany, 1926 in black and white.
Cast: Werner Krauss, Emil Jennings.
Director: Arthur Robison.

The Secrets of House No. 5
Realeased in 1912, in black and white, from Russia[Pathe Films].

The Vampire
No known copies in existence.
Released in 1913 in black and white.
Released in Great Britain.
Cast: Alice Ellis, Bert French, Harry Millarde, Alice Hollister,Maguerite Courtot.
Director: Robert Vignola.

The Vampire
A member of a secret society finds himself bound by a promise to kill his second wife aided by drugs and a vampire bat.
Released in France in 1914, in black and white.

Les Vampires
A 10 part series from 1915-16.
Released in the U.S. as "The Vampires."
Original release in France, circa 1915.
Cast: Irma Vep, Edouard Mate, Larcel Levesque.
Director: Louis Fevillade.

A Village Vampire
No known copy seems to exist, but was mentioned in Thomas Edison's catalog.
Released in 1916, in black and white [Edison Films, U.S.A.]
Director: Edwin Porter.

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