Vampire Movies from 1920-1929

Released in Russia, 1920.
The first film based on Bram Stoker's novel.
Black and white, no known copy survives.

2nd film, based on the novel, and also no known copies survive.
Released in 1921, Hungary.
Director: Karoly Lafthay.

The Great London Mystery
A 12 part series.
Released in Great Britain in 1920 [T&P].
Black and white.
Cast: Lola de Liane, David Devant, Lady Doris Stapleton, Lester Gard.
Director: Charles Raymond.

London After Midnight

The first full length vampire feature film.
Based on short story by Tod Browning.
No known copy of film, but a few photos are out there.
Released in 1927, U.S.A.
Cast: Lon chaney, Edna Tichnor, Conrad Nagel.
Director: Charles Raymond.

Nosferatu, Eine Symphonie des Garuens
3rd Attempt to bring Stoker's novel to life.
Banned for some years due to lawsuit by Florence Stoker.
A few copies survive.
Finally re-released in 1960 as "Dracula" and "Terror of Dracula".
Later released as "Nosferatu the Vampire" in 1972.
And a re-make was released under "Nosferatu the Vampire" in 1979.
Original release in Germany, 1922, in black and white. [Prana-Film]
Cast: Max Schreck, Gustav von Wangenheim, John Gottow, Greta Schroder.
Director: Frederick W. Murnau.

The Unholy Love
3rd version of Alraune
Released in Germany, 1928. [AMA Films]
Cast: Brigitte Helm, Paul Wegener, Ivan Petrovich, Hans Trautner, Louis Ralph.
Director: Henrich Galeen.

The Vampires of Warsaw
Released in Poland, circa 1925, in black and white.
No known copy survives.
Director: Wiktor Bieganski.

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