Movies from 1950 to 1959

Based on Alraune by Hanns Heinz Ewers.
Released in Germany in 1952.
Cast; Hildegard Knef,Erich von Stroheim, Karl Boehm, Julia Koschka.
Director: Arthur Maria Rabenalt.

Anak Pontianak
Also released as Son of the Vampire and Curse of the Vampire.
Released in Hong Kong, 1958.(Black and White)
Cast: Hasimah, Haj Sattar, Dyang Sofia.
Director: Ramon Estella.

A puppet movie based on a screenplay by Al Capp.
Released in 1952.
Cast: Fearless Fosdick.

Blood of Dracula
Also released as Blood Is My Heritage and Blood of the Demon.
A young girl becomes a vampire after her teacher hypnotizes her.
Released in 1957 [Universal/AI]
Cast: Sandra Harrison, Louise Lewis, Gail Ganley.
Director: Herbert L. Strock.

The Blood of the Vampire

An undead doctor is experimenting with the blood of inmates at an asylum in order to stay alive.
Also released as The Demon With Bloody Hands. Scrrenplay by Jimmy Sangster.
Released in in 1958, in Great Britain (color)[Universal/Eros]
Cast: Donald Wolfit, Barbara Shelley, Vincent Ball, Victor Moddern.
Director: Henry Cass.

The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters
Released in 1954 (Black and White)[Allied Artists].
Cast: Paul Wexler, Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Ellen Corby.
Director: Edward Bernds.

El Castillo de los Monstruos
Released in English as Castle of the Monsters.
Released in Mexico, 1958 [Soto Mayor].
Cast: German Robles, Clavillazo, Evangeline Elizondo.
Director: Julien Soler.

Curse of the Undead
The first vampire western.. Also released as Affairs of a vampire, Mark of the West, Mark of the Beast, Le Teur Invisible, The invsible Killer, Les Griffes du Vampire, and The Grip of the Vampire.
Released in 1959 [Universal].
Cast: Michael Pate, Eric Fleming, Kathleen Crowley, John Hoyt.
Director: Edward Dein.

Daughter of Dr. Jekyll
Released in 1957 [Allied Artisis].
Cast: John Agar, Gloria Talbot, John Dierkes.
Director: Edgar G. Ulmer.

Dendam Pontianak
Released in 1957 [Keris].
Cast: Maria Menado, Mustapha Maarof, Puteh Lawah, S.M. Wahid.
Director: B.N. Rao.

Dracula in Istanbul
The first non-western adaptation of Stoker's book. Originally released as Drakula Istanbula. Also tied in with Ali Riga Seifi's Kastgli Voyvoda.
Released in 1953, Turkey [Demirag].
Cast; Atif Kaptan, Annie Bell.
Director: Mehmet Muhtar.

The First Man in Space
Also released as Sattelite of Blood.
Released in 1958 [Amalgamated/MGM].
Cast: Bill Edwards, Marshall Thompson, Maria Landi, Robert Ayres.
Director: Robert Day.

The Horror of Dracula

First Hammer Dracula film. Originally released as Dracula (United Kingdom), Dracula il Vampiro (Spain), and Le Chauchemar ce Dracula (France).
Released in 1958, Great Britain [Hammer].
Cast: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Carol Marsh, Melissa Stribling.
Director: Terence Fisher.

I Vampiri
Loosley based on the story of Elizabeth Bathory. Also released as The Devils Commandment, Lust of the Vampire, and The Vampire of Notre Dame. Mario Brava served as Cameraman.
Released in 1957, Italy [Titan-Athena].
Cast: Gianna-Maria Canale, Dario Michaelis, Antoine Balpetre, Paul Muller.
Director: Riccardo Freda.

It! The Terror from Beyond Space
A Martian monster stoes away on a spaceship and once on Earth, begins it's reign of terror. Also Released as It! The Vampire from Beyond Space.
Based on A.E. van Gogt's The Black Destroyer.
Released in 1958 [Vogue/United Artists].
Cast: Ray "Crash" Corrigan (as IT), Marshall Thompson, Shawn Smith, Kim Spalding.
Director: Edward L. Cahn.

Not of this Earth
A human from another planet come to Earth to see if our blood is compatible with theirs, to help save their race. Also released as El Vampiro del Planeta Rosso. Remade in 1988.
Released in 1957 [Allied Artists].
Cast: Beverly Garland, Paul Birch, Morgan Jones, Richard Miller.
Director: Roger Corman.

Old Mother Riley Meets the Vampire
Also released as My Son the Vampire, Mother Riley Meets the Vampire, Mother Riley Runs Riot, and Vampire Over London.
Released in the U.S. in the 60's.
Released in 1957, Great Britain [Renown Pictures].
Cast: Bela Lugosi, Arthir Lucan.
Director: John Gilling.

Pawns of Satan
Released 1959.

Plan 9 from Outer Space
Known as the worst vampire movie ever made.
Released in 1956 [Disribution Corporation of America].
Cast: Bela Lugosi, Lyle Talbot, Tor Johnson, Gregory Walcott. Director: Edward D. Wood.

A woman who meddles with magic then becomes a vampire.
Released in 1957, Malaysia [Keris].
Cast: M. Amim, Salmah Ahmed, Dollah Serawak.

The Return of Dracula
Dracula moves to California in this one.
Also released as The Fantastic Disappearing man and The Curse of Dracula.
Released in 1958 [Gramercy/United Artists].
Cast: Francis Lederer, Norma Eberhardt, Gage Clark.
Director: Paul Landres.

Space Ship Sappy
The Three Stooges meet a vampire in this one, folks.
Released in 1957 [Jules White Productions].
Cast: Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe Esser, Doreen Woodbury.
Director: Jules White.

Sumpah Pontianak
Third in the Pontianak Series.
Released in 1958, Malaysia [Keris].

Super-Giant 2
Released in 1956.

The teenage Frankenstein
Released in 1959.

The Thing from Another World
La Traite du Vampire
Also released as The Trade of the Vampire.
Released in 1951, France.
Cast: Jean Boullet, Michele Veam.
Director: Pierre Boursons.

Uncle Was a Vampire
Originally released as Tempi Duri Pet I Vampiri (Hard Time for Vampires). While doing his stint with Hammer films, Lee flew to Italy to make this comedic feast for our eyes.
Released in 1959 (color), Italy [Embassy].
Cast: Christopher Lee, Renato Rascel, Sylvia Koscina, Kay Fisher.
Director: Pio Angeletti.

The Vampire
Also released as It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn and Mark of the Vampire.
Released in 1957 [United Artists].
Cast: John Beal, Colleen Gray, Kenneth Tobey, Lydia Reed.
Director: Paul Landres.

The Vampire
Also released as El Vampiro and The Lurking Vampire.
Released in the U.S. in 1968.
Released in 1957, Mexico [Cinematografica/Transinternational].
Cast: German Robles, Abel Salazar, Adriadne Welter, Carmen Montejo.
Director: Fernando Mendez/Paul Nagle.

Vampire Man
Originally released as Onna Kyuketsui and later as Male Vampire.
A vampire captures the wife of an atomic scientist, and keeps her prisoner.
Released in 1959, Japan [Shin Toho].
Cast: Shigeru Amachi, Yoko Mihara, Kienosuke Wade.
Director: Nobuo Nakagawa.

The Vampire Moth
Originally released as Kyuketsuki Ga. Based on a novel by Seishi Yokomizo.
Released in 1956, Japan [Toho].
Cast: Ryo Ikebe, Akio Kobori, Acami Kuji.
Director: Nabuo Nakagawa.

The Vampire's Coffin
Also released as El Ataud del Vampiro, El Ataud del Coffin.
Released in 1958, Mexico [Cinematografica].
Cast: German Robles, Al Salazar, Adriadne Welter, Alice Rodriguez.
Director: Fernando Mendez.

El Vampiro Negro
A remake of Le Vampire of Düsseldorf. Released in English speaking countries as The Black Vampire.
Released in 1953, Argentina [Argentinian Sono].
Cast: Olga Zubarry, Roberto Escalada, Nathan Pinzon, Nellie Panizza.
Director: Ramon Barreto.

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