Movies from 1960 to 1969

Ahkea Khots(the Bad Flower)
Yet another remake of DRACULA. Based on the Hammer film "The Horror of Dracula."
Released 1961, in in Korea [Sunglim Films]
Cast:Chimi Kim, Yechoon Lee.
Director: Yongmin Lee.

Batman Dracula
Released in 1964, in the Phillipines [Filmmaker's Cooperative].
Cast:Jack Smith,Baby Jane Holzer.
Director: Andy Warhol

Batman Fights Dracula
Released in 1967, in the Phillipines [Lea/Fidelis].
Cast:Jing Abalos, Vivian Lorrain, Ramon D'Silva.
Director: Leody M. Diaz.

Best of Dark Shadows
A clip collage from the T.V. series.
Released in 1965 [Dan Curtis].
Cast: Jonathan Frid.

Billy the Kid versus Dracula
Another attempt to make a vampire Western. Dracula is finally killed by the reformed outlaw Billy the Kid.
Released in 1966 [Circle/Embassy Pictures].
Cast:John Carradine, Charlita, Chuck Courtney, Melinda Plowman.
Director: William Beaudine.

Black Sabbath
Three short horror stories, one of which is based on Tolstoy's "The Wurdalak". And the only movie portraying Boris Karloff as a vampire.
Released in Italy, 1963 [Galatea/Emmepil/Cinematographica/AIP]].
Cast: Boris Karloff,Suzy Anderson, Mark Damon.
Director:Mario Bava.

Black Sunday
Based on Nicol Gogol's The Vij Originally released as La Maschera del Demonio, and later as House of Fright, Revenge of the Vampire, Die Stinde Wenn Drakula Kommt, and La Masque du Démon.
Released in Italy, 1960 [American-International].
Cast: Barbara Steele, John Richardson, Ivo Garrani, Andrea Cecchi.
Director: Mario Bava

Blood and Roses
The first attempt to bring Le Fanu's "Carmilla" to life. The American version was highly censored. Originally released as Et Mourir de Plaisir.
Released in Italy, 1961 [EGE Films/Documento Films].
Cast: Annete Stroyberg Vadim, Mel Ferrer, Elsa Martinelli.
Director: Roger Vadim.

Blood Bath
An artist, possessed by a vampire ancestor, paints people and then makes wax works of them. Also released as Track of the Vampire.
Released in 1966 [AIP/Jack Hill].
Cast: Willian Campbell, Marissa Mathes, LOri Saunders.
Director: Stephanie Rothman, Jack Hill.

Blood Beast Terror
A giant blood-sucking moth is on the loose in this one. Also released as Deathshead Vampire, and Vampire-Beast Craves Blood.
Released in 1969 [Tigon/Eastman].
Cast: Vanessa Howard, Peter Cushing, Robert Flemyng, Wanda Ventham.
Director: Vernon Sewell.

The Blood Drinkers
A vampire tries to save his lover with a heart transplant from her twin. Also released as The Vampire People.
Rleased in the Phillipines, 1966 [Hemisphere].
Cast: Ronald Remy, Amalia Fuentes, Eddie Fernandez.
Director: Gerardo de Leon.

Blood Fiend
Christopher Lee stars as a suspect in a vampire murder case. Also released as Female Fiend and The Theatre of Death.
Released in the Phillipines, 1966 [Pennea].
Cast: Christopher Lee, Jenny Till, Leila Goldoni, Julian Glover.
Director: Samuel Gallu

The Blood of Dracula's Castle
Also Released as Dracula's Castle.
Released in 1969 [A&E Film Corporation].
Cast:Alex D'Arcy, John Carradine, Paula Raymond.
Director: Al Adamson, Jean Hewitt.

Blood of Nostradamus
Last of the four features starring German Robles as Nostradamus (the vampire). Originally released as La Sangre de Nostradamus. The Sequel to Curse of Nostradamus.
Released in Mexico, 1960 [Bosas Priego].
Cast: German Robles, JUlio Aleman, Domingo Soler.
Director: Frederico Curiel.

Blood of the Virgins
Originally released as Sangre de Virgenes.
Released in Mexico, 1968 [Azteca}.
Cast: Gloria Prat, Ricardo Bauleo, Rolo Puente.
Director: Emilio Vieyra.

Blood Thirst
An American detective discovers a cult of blood drinkers lead by a vampire priestess. Also released as The Horror from Beyond and Blood Seekers. Not released in the U.S. until 1971.
Released in the Phillipines, 1965 [Chevron-Paragon/Journey].
Cast: Robert Winston, Yvonne Nielson, Judy Dennis, Katherin Henryk.
Director: Newt Arnold.

The Bloodless Vampire
This movie may never have been released.
Filmed in the Phillipines, 1965 [Journey].
Cast: Charles Macauley, Helen Thompson.
Director: Michael Du Pont.

The Bloodsuckers
Based on the book Demons Wear Scarlet, by Simon Raven.
Released in Great Britain, 1969 [Chevron-Paragon/Lucinda-Titan].
Cast:Patrick Mower, Peter Cushing, Patrick MacNee.
Director: Michael Burrowes

The Bloody Vampire
Originally released as El Vampiro Sangriento. Sequel to Invasion of the Vampires in 1961.
Released in Mexico, 1961 [Tele Talia Films/Clasa-Mohme/American International Pictures].
Cast: Carlos Agosti, Begna Palacios, Antonio Raxell,Erna Martha Bauman.
Director: Miguel Morayta.

La Bonne Dame
A short feature released in France, 1966 [S.O.F.C.A.].
Cast: Valeska Gert, Constantin Nepo, Germaine Kerjean.
Director: Pierre Phillipe.

The Brides of Dracula
One of Dracula's Disciples preys upon a girl's school. Also released as Les Maitresses de Dracula (French). Screenplay by Jimmy Sangster.
Released in Great Britain, 1960 [Hammer].
Cast: David Peel, Yvonne monlaur, Martia Hunt, Peter Cushing.
Director: Terence Fisher.

Bring Me the Vampire
Originally released as Enchenme al Vampiro, and later as Throw Me the Vampire.
Released in Mexico, 1961 [Estudios America].
Cast: Carlos Mantequilla (aka Fernando Soto), Joaquin Garcia, Alfonso Pompin Iglesias, José Jasso.
Director: Alfredo E. Crevenna.

Capuexita y Pulgarcito contra los Monstruos (Tom Thumb and Little Red Riding Hood vs. the monsters)
Released in Mexico, 1962 [Azteca].
Cast: Sergio Magana, Fernando M. Ortiz, A. T. Portillo.
Director: Roberto Rodriqeuzy.

Released in Sweden and Japan in 1968.

Carry on Screaming
A vampire couple attack young girls who are vampirised and turned into store mannequins. Also Released as Screaming, Caryy On Vampire.
Released in 1966 [Peter Rogers/Warner-Pathe/Anglo-Amalgamated /Sigma III].
Cast: Fenella Fielding, Harry H. Corbet, Kenneth Williams,Joan Sims.
Director: Gerald Thomas.

Castle of Blood
Based on the short story The Dance Macabre by Edgar Allen Poe. Originally released as La Danza Macabra, and as also issued as Castle of Terror and Coffin of Terror. Remade in color in 1970 as Web of the Spider.
Released in Italy, 1963 [Woolner].
Cast: Barabara Steele, Margaret Robsham, George Riviere.
Director: Anthony Dawson (aka Antonio Margheriti)

Castle Dracula
Released in 1968 [Delta S.F. ilm Group].

Castle of the Living Dead
Also released as Il Castello de Morti Vivi. Christopher Lee Vampirises girls in his lair beneath a castle.
Released in 1964 [Malasky]. Cast: Christopher Lee, Donald Sutherland, Gala Grmani, Phillipe Leroy
Director: Luciano (Herbert) Wise, Michael Reeves.

El Charro de las Calaveras (The Rider of the Skulls)
Consists of three horror stories, one of which is a vampire story.
Released in Mexico, 1967 [Azteca].
Cast: Dagoberto Rodriguez, David Silva, Alicia Caro.
Director: Alfredo Salazar

Curse of Nostradamus
First of the "Nostradamus Series", of which there are twelve. Originally released as Maldicion de Nostradamus.
Released in Mexico, 1960 [Bosas Priego]. Cast:German Robles, Domingo Soler, Julio Aleman.
Director: Frederico Curiel.

Curse of the Crying Woman
A vampire and her husband try to revive "The Crying Woman".(a creature out of Mexican folklore)
Released in Mexico, 1961 [Cinematografica ABSA/Clasa Mohme/American International]. Cast: Rita Arenas, Abel Salazar, Carlos Lopez Moctezuma.
Director: Rafael Baledon.

The Death of P'town
A seven minute 16mm film with a homosexual vampire.
Released in 1963.
Cast: Jack Smith.
Director: Ken Jacobs.

Demon Planet
Originally released as Terrore nello Spazio. Also released as Planet of the Vampires, Planet of Blood, and Terror en el Espacio. Based on a story by Renato Pestriniero, One Night of Twenty-One Hours.
Released in 1965, Italy [Italian International Film].
Cast: Barry Sullivan, Norma Bengall, Angel Aranda.
Director: Mario Bava.

The Devil's Mistress
A female Psychic vampire attacks the killers of her husband in the old West.
Released in 1966 [Emerson/Holiday/WGN].
Cast: Joan Stapleton, Arhtur Resley, Robert Gregory.
Director: Orville Wanzer.

The Devils of Darkness
A couple of friends investigate a murder in Breton and discover the local vampires.
Released in 1965 [Planet Films/Fox].
Cast:Huber Noel, William Sylvester, Tracy Reed, Carole Gray.
Director:Lance Comfort.

Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors
Includes several short features, two of which a vampire stories. Also released as The Blood Suckers, Return from the Past, The Witch's Clock, and Dr. Terror's House of Horror.
Released in 1966 [Dora Corporatiob-Borealis Enterprises; American General].
Cast:Mitch Evans,John Carradine.
Director:David Hewitt.

Dr. Terror's House of Horrors
One of this collection is a vampire story. (no relation to the movie listed above)
Released in the UK, 1965 [Amicus].
Cast:Donald Sutherland, Jenifer Jayne.
Director:Freddie Francis.

The 10th and an underground version of the classic film.
Released in 1964 [Filmmaker's Cooperative].
Cast:Naomi Levine.
Director:Andy Warhol.

Dracula and the Boys
A hardcore gay vampire movie. Also reased as Dracula Sucks, Does Dracula Really Suck?, and Dracula....Does He? The first homosexual vampire movie.
Released in 1969.
Cast:Jaime Gillis, Annette Haven.

Dracula Has Risen from the Grave
Christopher Lee returns to England in the third of Hammer's "Dracula" films. A catholic priest "Exorcises" his castle and he attacks him using a local priest, among others.
Released in Great Britain, 1968 [Hammer].
Cast:Christopher Lee, Veronica Carlson, Barry Andrews, Barabara Ewing, Rupert Davies.
Director:Freddie Francis.

Dracula Meets the Outer Space Chicks
An Adult film.
Released in 1968.

Dracula-Prince of Darkness
Dracula must handle a group of travelers staying at his castle while outwitting a hunter/monk.
Also released as Disciple of Dracula, Revenge of Dracula, and The Bloody Sream of Dracula.
Cast:Christopher Lee, Francis Matthew, Suzan Farmer, Charles Tingwell, Barbara Shelley.
Director:Terence Fisher.

Dracula (the Dirty Old Man)
An erotic comedy where Dracula lives in a mine and has virgins brought to hia A la Carte, so to speak.
Released in 1969 [Whit Boyd Productions; Vega International Art Films].
Cast:Vince Kelly, Ann Hollis, Bill Whitton, Libby Caculus.
Director:William Edwards.

Dracula vs. Frankenstein
Scientists from another planet travel here and begin to reanimate the world's monsters in order to take over the world. Also released as El Hombre que Vino Del Ummo, Blood of Frankenstein, Assignment Terror, The Man Who Came from Ummo, and Dracula Jagt Frankenstein.
Released in 1969, in Spain, Germany, and Itlay [International Jaguar; Jaime Prades/Eichberg Film].
Cast:Michael Rennie, Paul Naschy, Craig Hill.
Director:Hugo Fregonese, Tulio Demichelli.

Dracula's Wedding Day
An underground film with Dracula
Released in 1967 [Filmmaker's Coop].
Director:Mike Jacobson

Released in the Phillipines,1969 [RJF Brothers].
Cast:Rossana Ortiz, Lito Lagaspi, Rebecca, Gina Laforteza, Joseph Gallego.
Director:Consuelo Osorio.

The Empire of Dracula
Also released as El Imperio de Dracula, Las Mujeres de Dracula, and Sinfonia de Más Alla.
Possibly the first Mexican horror film shot in color.
Released in Mexico, 1967 [Filmica Vergara].
Cast:Eric del Castillo, Ethel Carillo, Cesar del Campo, Luch Villa.
Director:Federico Curiel.

The Eye of Count Frankenstein
An underground parody of Dracula.
Released in 1966.
Director:Tony Conrad.

Fangs of the Living Dead
Also released as Malenka-La Nipote del Vampiro, Malenka la Vampira, Malrnka-The Niece of the Vampir, and The Vampire''s Niece.
Released in Spain and Italy, 1968 [Triton/Victory/Cobra/Felix/Emporix].
Cast:Julian Ugarte, Anita Ekberg, John Hamilton, Diana Lorys.
Director:Amando de Ossorio.

Released in France, 1962.
Cast:Edith Scob, Venantino Venantini, Jean Henry.
Director:Patrice Molinard.

The Fearless Vampire Killers; or Pardon Me, but Your Teeth Are in my Neck
A vampire hunter and his assistant search for vampires in a small village. Also released as Dance of the Vampires.
Released in 1967 [Cadre and Filmways].
Cast:Ian Quarrie, Jack Mcgowan, Sharon Tate, Alfie Bass, Ferdy Mayne.
Director:Roman Polanski.

La Fée Sanguinaire
Based on the Elzabeth Bathory legend.
Released in Belgium, 1968.
Cast:T. Katinaki.
Director:Roland Lethem.

Frankenstein, the Vampire and Co.
A comedy where wax figures come to life ( I wonder who they might be? Hmm...)
Originally released as Frankenstein, el Vampiro, y Cia and as Frankenstein, El Vampiro, y Compania.
Released in Mexico, 1961 [Cinematografia Calderon].
Cast:Quintan Bulnes, Manuel Loco Valdes, Jose Jasso, Joaquin Garcia Vargas Borolas.
Director:Benito Alazraki.

Frankenstein's Bloody Terror
Originally released as La Marca del Hombre Lobo (Mark of the Wolfman.) Also released as Tha Vampire of Dr. Dracula, The Wolfman of Count Dracula, Hell's Creatures, The Mark of the Wolfman, and various other titles.
Released in Spain, 1968 [Maxper].
Cast:Julian Ugarte, Rossana Yanni, Paul Naschy, Diane Zurakowska.
Director:Enrique L. Equilez.

Goke, the Body Snatcher from Hell
An alien vampire attacks survivors of a plane crash.
Originally released as Kyuketsuki Gokemidore.
Released in Japan, 1969 [Shochiku].
Cast:Hidea Ko, Teruo Yoshida, Tnomi Sato.
Director:Hajime Sato.

Goliath and the Vampires
Originally released as Maciste Contro il Vampiro, and later as The Vampires.
Released in 1964 [Amrosiana Cinematografia/AIP].
Cast;Guido Celano, Gordon Scott, Gianna Maria Canale, Jacques Sernas.
Director:Giacomo Gentilomo.

Hand of Death
Also released as beast of Morocco and The Hand of Night.
Released in Great Britain, 1966 [Associated-British-Pattie].
Cast:William Sylvester, Diane Clare.
Director:Frederick Goode.

Hercules contre les Vampires
Originally released as Ercole al Centro della Terra and later as Hercules in the Haunted World and Hercules at the Center of the Earth.
Released in Italy, 1961 [Omnia S.P.A. Cinematografia].
Cast:Reg Park, Christopher Lee, Leonora Ruffo.
Director:Mario Bava.

Hiroku Kaibyoden
A film version of the Japanese story of vampire cat.
Released in Japan, 1969 [Daiei].
Cast:Kojiro Hongo, Naomi Kabayashi, Mitsuyo Kamei.
Director:Tokuzo Tonaka.

Horrors of Dracula
Released in 1966.

House on Bare Mountain
The first adult vampire erotic film. Also released as La Colline des Desirs.
Released in Belgium, 1962 [Olympic International Films].
Cast:Jeffery Smithers, Warren Ames, Bob Cresse, Laura Eden.
Director:R. Lee Frost.

La Huella Macabre
Released in Mexico, 1962 [Rosas Priego/Clasa-Mohme].
Cast:Guillermo Murray, Rosa Carmina, Carmen Molina, Jamie Fernandez.
Director:Alfredo B. Crevenna.