Movies from 1970-1979

Alabama's Ghost
One of the few vampire flicks geared to the African-American community. It pits a vampire rock band against a ghost.
Released in 1972 [Ellman/Bremson International].
Cast: Lani Freeman, Pierre LePage.
Director: Frederic Hobbs.

Allen and Rossi Meet Dracula and Frankenstein
Released in 1974.
Cast: Bernie Allen, Steve Rossi.

Angeles y Querubines
Horror trilogy where the 2nd Story concerns a vampire bride.
Released in Mexico, 1972, [Cine Produccines].
Cast: Helena Rojo, Ana Luisa Peluffo, Jorge Humberto Robles, David Silva.
Director: Rafael Corkidi.

Attack of the Blind Dead
Originally released as El Ataque de los Muertos sin Ojos.
Released in Spain, 1973.
Director: Amando de Osorio.

Barry McKenzie Holds His Own
A rarity, an Australian vampire movie. Part of a series of films based on a comic book character.
Released in Austaralia, 1974 [Roadshow/Reg Grundy].
Cast: Donald Pleasence, Barry Crocker, Barry Humphries, Dick Bently.
Director: Bruce Beresford.

The Bat People
A biologist is bitten by a bat and turns into a monster. Also released as It Lives by Night.
Released in 1974 [AIP].
Cast: Stewart Moss, Marianne McAndrew, Michael Pataki, Paul Carr.
Director: Jerry Jameson.

The Absolutely most famous African-American vampire movie.
Released in 1972 [American International].
Cast: William Marshall, Denise Nicola, Vonetta McGee, Gordon Pinsent.
Director: William Crain.

A strange one, folks. The Wolfman's son and Dracula's daughter get together and raise carnivorous plants together.
Released in 1973 [Walter Kent].
Cast: Hope Stransbury, Allen Berendt, Eve Crosby, Pamela Adams.
Director: Andy Milligan.

Blood Ceremony
A movie based on the Elizabeth Bathory legend. Also released as Legend of Blood Castle, Ceremonia Sangrienta,, and Ritual of Blood.
Released in Spain and Italy, 1972 [X Films/Luis Films].
Cast: Lucia Bose, Karl Ziemmer, Ewa Aulin, Anna Farra.
Director: Jorge Grau.

Blood Couple
An African-American vampire story. Also released as Ganja and Hess, Black Evil, Black Out: The Moment of Terror, Black Vampire, and Double Possession.
Released in 1973 [Quentin Kelly and Jack Gordon].
Cast: Duane Jones, Marlene Clark, Bill Gunn, Leonard Jackson.
Director: Bill Gunn.

Blood for Dracula
A satirical comedy, also released as Andy Warhol's Dracula. Released in 1974 [Bryanton Pictures].
Cast: Udo Kier, Joe Dallesandro, Vittorio de Sica.
Director: Paul Morroisey.

Blood Lust
The story of a man with a blood fetish that breaks into funeral homes to mutilate the dead and drink their blood. Also released as Mosquito der Schonder.
Released in 1970 [Monarex].
Cast: Werner Pochath, Ellen Umlauf, Peter Hamm.
Director: Marijan Vajda.

Blood of Frankenstein
Also released as Dracula vs. Frankenstein; Satan's Bloody Freaks.
Released in 1971 [Independent-International].
Cast: Zandor Vorkov, Forest J. Ackerman, J. Carroll Naish, Lon Chaney Jr.
Director: Al Adamson.

Blood Relations
A nurse discovers that a vampire doctor is stealing blood at the local hospital. Originally released as Bloedverwantes/Les Vampires en ont Ras le Bol.
Released in the Netherlands and France, 1977 [Jaap van Rij Filmproductie/CTIS].
Cast: Maxim Hamel, Ralph Arliss, Gregoire Aslan, Sophie Deschamps, Robert Dalban.
Director: Wim Lindner.

The Blood Spattered Bride
Originally released as La Novia Ensangretada. And later as Bloody Fiance and Till Death Us Do Part.
Released in Spain, 1974 [Morgana Films].
Cast: Alexandra Bastedo, Manibel Martin, Simon Andrew, Dean Selmier.
Director: Vincent Aranda.

The Body Beneath
Ford is the leader of a vampire family trying to continue the lineage. A "sexploitation" also released as The Demon Lover.
Released in 1970 [Nova International].
William Donald Grollman.
Director: Tom Baker.

Bram Stoker's Original Dracula
A remake of Dracula.
Released in 1978.
Director: Ken Russell.

The Bride's Initiation
An adult film with a bisexual Dracula kidnapping a newlywed couple.
Released in 1976 [VCX].
Cast: Carol Conners, Candida Robbins, Mark Brok, Tony Manhall.
Director: Duncan Stewart.

Cake of Blood
Four stories, one of which is a vampire tale.
Released in Spain, 1972 [P.C.Tiede].
Cast: Maria May, Charo Lopez, Marisa Paredes.
Director: José Maria Valles, et al.

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter
Pilot for a proposed series featuring a pair of vampire hunters. Also released as Kronos.
Released in Great Britain, 1972 [Hammer].
Cast: John Carson, W. Ventura, Shane Briant, Caroline Munro.
Director: Brian Clemens.

Capulina Contra Los Vampiros
A Mexican comedy.
Released in Mexico, 1972 [Estudios America/Panorama Films/Azteca Films].
Cast: Gaspar Henaien Capulina, Gloriella, Hector Andremar.
Director: René Cardona.

The Case of the Full Moon Murders
An adult erotic comedy where a vampire bites her victims where it hurts the most. Released in both a soft and hardcore version under several titles including: Sex on the Groove Tube and The Case of the Smiling Stiffs.
Released in 1974 [Seaburg/Lobster & Dana].
Cast:Harry Reems, Sheila Stewart, Ron Browne, Fred Lincoln.
Director: Joseph Brad Talbort.

Casual Relations
This movie includes a vampire episode as a major component of an otherwise non-vampire story.
Released in 1973 [Mark Rappaport].
Cast: Sis Smith, Mel Austin, Paula Barr.
Director: Mark Rappaport.

Il Cavaliere Costante Nicosia Demoniaco Ovvero Dracula in Brianza
A sexual comedy.
Released in Italy, 1975 [Titanus/Coralta Cinematografica].
Cast:Lando Buzzanca, Sylvia Koscina, Christa Linder.
Director: Lucio Fulci.

Chanoc contra el Tigre y el Vampiro
A comedy with a vampire as a guest villain.
Released in Mexico, 1971 [Azteca].
Cast: German Valdes, Gregorio Casel, Aurora Cavel, Raul Martinez Solares.
Director: Gilberto Martinez Solares.

Chi o Suu Ningyo
Also released as The Night of the Vampire; Yureiyashiki no Kyofi-Chi Wo Sun Ningyo.
Released in Japan, 1970 [Toho].
Cast: Atsuo Nakamura, Kayo Matsuo, Akira Nakao.
Director: Michio Yamamoto.

Chosen Survivors
Vampires attack a B-movie cast after an atomic bomb test.
Released in Mexico, 1974 [Chrubusco/Metromedia/Alpine].
Cast: Jackie Cooper, Alex Cord, Richard Jaeckel, Bradford Dillman.
Director: Sutton Roley.

Chronique de Voyage
Released in France, 1970.
Cast: Marc Olibier Cayce, Claude Moro, Francine Roussel.
Director: Robert de Laroache.

Le Circuit se Sang
Released in France, 1973.

La Comtesse aux Siens Nus
Originally released as an adult erotic film featuring a descendent of Carmilla Karnstein biting victims in their private parts. Different version are variably explicit. Also released as La Comtesse Noir, Les Avaleuses, Jacula, Sicarius-The Midnight Party, The Bare Breasted Countess, The Loves of Irina, Erotokil, Yacula, and The Last Thrill. Erotokil was released on video as a censored version.
Released in France and Belgium, 1973 [Brux International/Marc].
Cast: Lina Romay, Alice Arno, Jack Taylor, Monica Swinn.
Director: Jesus Franco.

El Conde Dracula
Christopher Lee's return to his role as Dracula, trying to be more true to Bram Stoker's story. Also released as Count Dracula, Bram Stoker's Count Dracula, Dracula 71, The Nights of Dracula, and Nacht Wenn Dracula Erwacht.
Released in Spain, Italy, and Germany in 1970 [Feniz/Korona/Filmar/Towers of London].
Cast: Christopher Lee, Klaus Kisnky, Herbert Lom, Soledad Miranda, Maria Rohm.
Director: Jesus Franco.

Count Dracula, the True Story
Canadian Documentary fimed in Romania.
Released in Canada, 1979.
Director: Yurek Filjalkoski.

Count Erotica, Vampire
A hardcore erotic film.
Released in 1971 [Lobo Productions].
Cast: John Peters, Mary Simon, Paul Robinson.
Director: Tony Teresi.

Count Yorga, Vampire
A vampire movie set in Los Angeles.
Released 1970 [Erica/American International].
Cast: Robert Quarry, Roger Perry, Michael Murphy, Michael Macready.
Director: Bob Keljan.

Countess Dracula
Based on biography of Elizabeth Bathory, it introduces Ingrid Pitt to the horror fans. A novelization of the film was released as Countess Dracula by Michel Parry.
Cast: Ingrid Pitt, NIgel Green, Sandor Eles, Maurice Denham.
Director: Peter Sasdy.

Cuadecuc (Vampir)
An experimental film. Connected with El Conde Dracula
Released in Spain,1970.[Films 59 Barcelona]
Cast: Christopher Lee, Herbert Lom, Soledad Miranda, Fred Williams.
Director: Pedro Portabella.

Le Culte du Vampire
Released in France, 1971.
Cast: Willie Braque, Louise Dhour, Eric Loosfeld.
Director: Jean Rollin.

Curse of the Devil
Number seven in a series with Naschy cursed by a dying Elizabeth Bathory. Also released as The Return of Walpurgis and The Black Harvest of Countess Dracula.
Released in Spain, 1973.[Lyous/Producciones Escorpion]
Cast: Patty Shepard, Paul Naschy, Fay Falcon, Vidal Molina.
Director: Carlos Aured.

Curse of the Vampires
A movie where vampirism is "kept in the family". Also released as Creatures of Evil, Blood of the Vampires, and Dugong Vampira.
Released in the Phillipines, 1970.[Scertre Industries/Hemisphere]
Cast: Mary Walter, Amalia Fuentes, Eddie Garcia, and Romeo Vasquez.
Director: Gerardo de Leon.

The Daughter of Dracula
Based on Carmilla. Also released as La Hija de Dracula and La Fille de Dracula.
Released in Spain, 1972.[Comptoir Francais du Film/Interfilme]
Cast: Howard Vernon, Britt Nichols, Dennis Price.
Director: Jesus Franco.

Daughters of Darkness
Based on the Bathory legend, but takes a lesbian twist. Also released as Blut on den Lippen, Le Rouge aux Levres, and The Promise of Red Lips.
Released in Belgium, 1971.[Roxy/Mediterranean/Gemini]
Cast: Delphine Seyrig, Daniele Ouimet, John Karlen, and Andre Rau.
Director: Harry Kumel.

An unusual film in that the dialogue was filmed in sign language.
Released in 1975.[Signscope]
Cast: Peter Wicksburg, Gary Holstrom, Lee Darrel, Katherine Wilson.
Director: Peter Wecksburg.

The Deathmaster
Vampire Korda is washed up in L.A. and becomes a hippy guru. Also released as Khorda.
Released in 1971.[AIP]
Cast: Robert Quarry, Bill Ewing, Brenda Dickson, and John Fiedler.
Director: Rat Danton.

A Deusa de Marmore-Escrava do Diablo
A two thousand year old woman keeps her immortality by drinking the blood of her lovers.
Released in Brazil, 1978.[Panorama do Brazil]
Cast: Rosangela Maldonado, Jose Marins, Joao Paulo, and Luandy Maldonado.
Director: Rosangela Maldonado.

The Devil's Plaything
an adult filme where nuns wait for the return of a vampire that was burned at the stake. Also released as Veil of Blood.
Released in 1973.[Leisure Time/Monarex]
Cast: Untel Syring, Maria Forssa.
Director: Joseph Sarno.

The Devil's Skin
Released in Singapore, 1970.[Cathay]
Cast: Ingrid Hu, Meng Li, and Sun Tao.

The Devil's Wedding Night
A variation on the Bathory tale. Also released as Full MMoon of the Virgins and El Returno de la Darquessa Dracula.
Released in Spain, 1973.[Virginia Cinematografica/Dimension Pictures]
Cast: Sara Bey, Mark Damon, Marian Barrios, and Francis Davis.
Director: Paul Solvay.

La Dinastia Dracula
Released in Mexico, 1978.
Cast: Fabian Forte.

Disciple of Death
Released in Great Britain, 1975.
Cast: Mike Raven.
Director: Tom Parkinson.

Released in 1976.[Artimis Film Corp.]
Cast: James Lister and Heather Deeley.
Director: Derek Ford.

A made for TV movie.
Released in Canada, 1973.[CBC]
Cast: Norman Welsh and Blair Brown.
Director: Jack Nixon Browne.

Released in Mexico, 1978.
Cast: Enrique Felix.

Based on the play by Hamilton Deane and John Balderston.
Released in 1979.[Universal]
Cast: Frank Langella, Laurence Olivier, Donald Pleasence, and Kate Nelligan.
Director:John Badham.

Dracula, a Family Romance
Released in 1972.

Dracula A.D., 1972
Dracula ends up in London with a group of hippies in the sixth of his Hammer films.
Released in Great Britain, 1972.[Hammer]
Cast: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Christopher Neame, Stephanie Beacham.
Director: Alan Gibson.

Dracula and Son
Based on the Novel Paris V. Also released as Dracula, Father and Son; and Dracula pere et Fils. Released in America in 1979.
Released in France, 1975.[quartet Films]
Cast: Christopher Lee, Bernard Menez, Marie Breillat, and Catherine Breillat.
Director: Edouard Molinaro.

Dracula and the Seven Golden Vampires
A kung fu vampire movie with a classic twist. Also released as Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires and The Seven Brothers Meet Dracula.
Released in Great Britain and Hong Kong, 1974.[Hammer/Shaw Brothers]
Cast: John Forbes-Robertson, Peter Cushing, and Julia Eye.
Director: Roy Baker.

Dracula Bites the Big Apple
Released in 1979.
Cast:Peter Loewy, and Barry Concula.
Director: Richard Wenk.

The Dracula Business
A BBC documentary.
Released in Great Britain, 1974.
Director: Anthony de Lathbiniere.

Dracula contra El Dr. Frankenstein
Also released as Dracula Prisonnier de Frankenstein (French) and Dracula Versus Frankenstein.
Released in Spain, 1972.[comtoir Francais deFilm and Fenix]
Cast: Howard Vernon, Britt Nichols, Dennis Price, Albert Dalbes, and Mary Francis.
Director: Jesus Franco.

Dracula Goes to RP
Released in the Phillipines, 1974.[RVQ Production]

Dracula in Italy
Released in 1975.

Dracula in the House of Horrors
Released in Australia, 1974.
Director: Bruce Beresford.

Dracula in the Provinces
Release in 1975.[Coralta Cinematografica]

Dracula Is Not Dead
Released in 1975.

Dracula Rocks
Released in 1979.

Dracula Sucks
An adult remake of the 1931 Lugosi film. Available in hardcore and sofcore versions. Also released as Lust at First Bite and Dracula's Bride.
Released in 1979.[First International Pictures/MR Productions/Kodiak]
Cast: James Gillis, John Holmes, Annette Haven, John Leslie, and Serena.
Director: Phillip Marshak.

Dracula's Blood
Released in 1974.[Cannon]
Cast: Tina Sainz.

Dracula's Dog
Dracula's Feast of Blood
Dracula's Great Love
Draculas Lüsterne Vampire
Dragula, Queen of the Darkness
Every Home Should Have one
The Evil of Dracula
A Filha de Dracula
Der Fluch der Schwarzen Schwestern
Le Frisson des Vampires
Go for a Take
Grave of the Vampire
Guess What Happened to Count Dracula?
Guru, the Mad Monk
Halloween with the Addams Family
Hannah, Queen of the Vampires
The Historical Dracula, Facts Behind the Fiction
Horror of the Blood Monsters
House of Dark Shadows
The House of Dracula's Daughter
House That Dripped Blood
How They Became Vampires
Hyocho No Bijo
I, the Vampire
Immoral Tales
In Search of Dracula
The Incredible Melting Man
La Invasion de los Muertos
Is There a Vampire in the House?
El Jovencito Dracula
Kali: Devil Bride of Dracula
Kathavai Thatteeya Mohni Paye
Kyuketsuki Dorakyura Kobe Ni Arawaru: Akuma Wa Onna Wo Ustukushiku Suru
The Lady Dracula
Lady Dracula
Lake of Dracula
Legacy of Satan
Let's Scare Jessica to Death
Levres de Sang
Lips of Blood
Living Dead at Manchester Morgue
La Llamada del Vampiro
Love at First Bite
Love Vampire Style
Lust for a Vampire
The LUst of Dracula
O Macabro Dr. Scivano
The Mad Love Life of a Hot Vampire
Mama Dracula
Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary
La Messe Nere della Contessa Dracula
Midi Minuit
The Mystery in Dracula's Castle
Nella Stretta Morsa del Ragno
Night of Dark Shadows
Night of the Sorcerers
The Night of the Vampire
Le Nosferatu ou les Eaux Glacees du Calcul Egoiste
Nosferatu the Vampyre
La Notte die Diavoli
La Novia Esaangrentada
Old Dracula
Once Upon a Prime Time
Orgy of the Vampires
Pastel de Sangre
Pepito y Chabelo vs. los Monsrtuos
El Pobresito Draculin
Quem tem Medo de Lobisomem
Reincarnation of Isabelle
Requiem for a Vampire
El Retorno de los Vampiros
The Return of Count Yorga
Le Rouge de Chine
La Sadique aux Denta Rouges
The Saga of the Draculas
Salem's Lot
Santo and the Blue Demon vs. Dracula and the WolfMan
The Satanic Rites of Dracula
The Scars of Dracula
Scream Blacula, Scream
Sex Express
Shadow of Dracula
Shadow of the Werewolf
Sisters of Satan
Son of Dracula
Um Sonho De Vampiros(A Vampire's Dream)
Strange Love of the Vampires
Suck Me, Vampire
Tame re Champo ne Ame Kel
Tender Dracula, or, The Confessions of a Bloodsucker
Tenderness of Wolves
They've Changed Faces
The Thirsty Dead
Those Cruel and Bloody Vampires
Tiempos Duros para Dracula
Till Death
The Time of Vampires
Tombs of the Blind Dead
Traitement de Choc (Doctor in the Nude)
The True Life of Dracula
Tunnel Under the World
Twins of Evil
Vampire Circus
The Vampire Doll
The Vampire Happening
The Vampire Hookers
Vampire Kung-Fu
The Vampire Lovers
Vampiro 2000
Los Vampiros de Coyoacan
Vampyres, Daughters of Dracula
Vampiros Lesbos-Die Erbin des Dracula (Lesbian Vampires-Heiress of Dracula
Vault of Horror
The Velvet Vampire
Virgin Vampire
Vlad Tepes
Voodoo Heartbeat
Werewolf vs. the Vampire Woman
Die Zartlichkeit der Wolfe

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