Welcome to the Mausoleum!

For those who wish to know a little about the Vampire Central Webmaster......

Who am I?

I'm a sanguinarian (blood drinker) from the U.S.A.


About my Family

I am married to a wonderful woman (no kids with her as of yet). But I have five cats that I think of as my children.

Flea-o: also known as son of the Devil

Moonshine: The people are just toys cat.

Picasso: The hopeless Neurotic.

Smellvyn:The annoying one.

Peanut: the prissy one.....

My Statistics................

Date of birth: 09/14/68


Eyes: It depends on my feeding cycle.........Brown when not thirsty.
But when I am, they turn rusty red from the inside out, giving them that look of an archery target.
And amber when I get violently angry......


Weight:165 lbs.

My physical quirks as related to my Vampirism

Feeding cycle: I need about a pint of blood every 2 weeks(animal). At those extremely rare times when it's human, I need about an ounce. Not sure why, maybe it has certain human dependent enzymes or something.

Smell: I can smell all kinds of stuff that most can't, but not a super sense, just a well trained sense. I can smell a fresh cut at about ten yards.

Vision: I have always been a night person, so it stands to reason that I have unbelieveable night vision. In fact, I have perfect color vision at night, even with shades on. But it is a double edged sword, although I can appreciate the beauty of the night like few others, I can't stand the daylight. I get some tremendous headaches from it that won't go away, no matter how hard I try.

Heart Rate:110 b.p.m.

Blood Pressure: 100/40

Body Temp. : 101.2 degrees Farenheit (average)....

Super Powers: Here's a touchy subject. Well, I'm NOT superhuman, just have physiological quirks that seem to fit a legend. I have an extremely fast metabolism, which seems to have my immune system in overdrive. I haven't been sick with anything more than a day in over a decade. That is except when I go too long without blood, then I get some weird gastro-intestinal things going on, like not being able to stomach any "normal" food. And since metabolism is related to healing, I also heal very quickly. Two weeks for broken ribs, in fact. That's one I never try to put to the test. There is one other thing that doesn't seem to be related to vampirism, but doctors haven't figured out. I have two Adam's Apples. So there you have it, not necessarily the creature of myth, but have enough about me different to fit the mold, so to speak. I hope no one is disappointed, but reality and myth ARE 2 different things.

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